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Our event studio

Are you looking for a cosy location where female entrepreneurship & community are central?

Then House of FAMM is the place to be. ​


Our event studio is a creative space on the ground floor of our coworking space. Think of warmly decorated rooms, a green city garden, a cosy seating corner, a wooden table with designer chairs and a beautiful bar with a hip coffee machine.

House of FAMM is the perfect location for workshops, masterclasses, meetings, launches, networking moments, intimate PR or influencer events, photoshoots, video or podcast recordings. 

Look no further!


House of FAMM,

80 square meters of cosiness in the city center of Antwerp.



a cozy sitting area

a round table for 5 

a wooden table for 12 

a furnished bar

a coffee machine

a multipurpose space

a green city garden

a bathroom with 2 toilets

a beamer & projector

Want more furniture?
3 small tables, 6 chairs, 3 standing tables & 6 stools are also available.

Good to know!

Water, tea and coffee are included in the price. Other drinks like homemade iced teas, soft drinks or alcohol are for sure available for a surplus.


And the food?

We have the standard options - breakfast, lunch & apero - by our partner Foodprepper. 


Our event space is ideal for a group up to 12 persons sitting at 1 table.


Perfect for workshops, teamdays, masterclasses, meetings and so on.

Is it okay to spread out, but still need chairs for everybody? You can go up to 20 people.


Perfect for coworkdays, live-days for courses, networking events, influencer events, PR events and so on.


Do you prefer a mix of sitting and standing? It is possible up to 40 people.


Perfect for launches, networking events, influencer or PR events.

Would you like to do a photoshoot? House of FAMM is there for you!



DAY PRICE - max 8 hours

1-12 people: €450 
13-20 people: €600

21-40 people: €800


HALF DAY - max. 4 hours


1-12 people: €300

13-20 people: €450 

21-40 people: €650 


€50/ hour

There will be a host at your service.


Good to know: 

Water, tea and coffee are included in the price. Want some more?

Other drinks & food options are for sure available!



Our event studio is located on the ground floor of our inspiring coworking space for female entrepreneurs.

So make sure that the entrance and the bar are communal. So on weekdays between 08:00 AM and 06:00 PM it can be cosy in our building: coworkers who come in or occasionally make a coffee are part of our routine.

To inspire & to get inspired, that's what we love in House of FAMM. 



20220211 House of Famm-41.jpg

Look no further

House of FAMM is the place to be!

Let's get inspired


Ready to host your event?

Whether you would like to organize an intimate book launch, an inspiring team day or an interactive workshop, a lot is possible at House of Famm and we'd be happy to welcome you. Fill in your details and we'll get back to you! 

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